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Region Blogs

Stay up to date on what’s happening in your region by following your regional representative’s own region blog! Visit the links above to view each regional blog.

Regional Blog Updates

  • Those Awkward Years
    Middle School. These might be the most awkward years for students, parents, and teachers. Students are changing, physically and emotionally. Parents are adjusting to those changes. This can be a scary …
  • Papaly
    Papaly is great free website for accessing all your bookmarks and social networks in one place.  Papaly makes sharing links simple.  Adding sites to your papaly is as simple as a click of a button wit …
  • Transition for EduSite, EduSocial, and Training Login
    To better facilitate the transition from your current (@sendit.nodak.edu) account to your new (@k12.nd.us) Office 365 account, we’re going to be using a different login screen starting today.  This me …
  • Presentation – Intro to Raspberry Pi and Arduino
      Introduction to Arduino and Raspberry Pi YouTube video Comparing the Arduino (micro-controller) and Raspberry Pi (credit card sized single-board computer) from AddOhms. Thanks to the “Bal …
  • Star of Space
    What do Neil deGrasse Tyson, Fox, and Seth MacFarlane have in common? A lot more than you might think. MacFarlane is the creator of Family Guy (on Fox), and throughout the years, he has consulted with …
  • I heart NdT
    Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson (StarTalk Radio and Cosmos) has become one of the faces of science in recent years. He is actually one of the reasons I no longer shudder (literally) when any sciencey topic co …
  • Kat Perkins & Tabitha Lang on Mainstreet radio program
    EduTech’s Positive Social Media ND Tour – Featuring Kat Perkins and EduTech’s Manager for Professional Learning and Outreach on Prairie Public Radio’s Main Street – Septe …
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