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Region Blogs

Stay up to date on what’s happening in your region by following your regional representative’s own region blog! Visit the links above to view each regional blog.

Regional Blog Updates

  • Piktochart
    Piktochart is a free and simple to use tool for creating infographs.  Watch the video below to see how simple it is to use.  
  • Evernote Clearly
    Evernote Clearly is an extension that takes all the extra information and ads off a website and takes the content and puts it into a simple and easy to read evernote
  • 5 Cool Projects to Steal
    The following is a link that ISTE sent out earlier this month and I thought it was great to see North Dakota represented in the article.  Check out project 3!   All the projects are great ones but I t …
  • Impressionism HD for iPad
    A Just Watch Video A gallery of impressionism art work. Its great for: Comparing and analyzing paintings. Exposing students to art. Writing prompts. Running in the classroom during free time and when …
  • Tag Cloud Generator
    Tag Cloud Generator Add-on is for Google Docs and it creates a word cloud in the right-hand margin of your document. It is very simple and free to use download it in the chrome store or watch the vide …
  • TED Talk Thursday: Sarah Kay
    This week’s TED Talk that I wanted to share with everyone is by Sarah Kay: “If I should have a daughter…”  This spoken word poet has a powerful message and I hope you enjoy it! …
  • NoRedInk
    NoRedInk is an online platform that differentiates your students learning.  They learn grammar through text that is based off their interests.  If they are get questions wrong it explains why and how …
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